#Hope Hour

HOPE HOUR: Hope Power!  

Change the world in one hour


Join communities, friends & families from all over the world in coming together to take a stand for hope. Host or join a Hope Hour Gathering (2018 dates to be advised – sign up below to receive updates).  In 2016 almost 100 people gathered in Castlemaine and many others gathered in smaller groups privately around Australia and the world to contemplate, share stories and thoughts on, and power up Hope.

Help overcome fear, bigotry and violence by creating a powerful surge of collective focus on hope. Become part of a simple response and a worldwide community of hope. 

We CAN make a difference.

Hosting:  Can be as big or as small as you like: just your family, just your friends, just you.  Or, you can create and host a community, school or workplace event.

Hope:  Is whatever it means to you.  We will provide some free resources to guide how you spend that time, if you choose to use them. We will also provide pre-recorded meditation options, and a ‘home’ event in Castlemaine, Central Victoria, Australia

Share:  This is the important bit.  Please share photos and stories of your gathering and what this meant to you and others you hosted.  This will build our community and spread stories of hope.  And please share our initiative in the lead up to help spread the word and spread the hope.

Sign Up at our ‘Register’ page.   Resources including Host Kit (ideas to help you host a Hope Hour gathering) & meditation links available free to those who register.

Contact: hopehourglobal@gmail.com if you would like to partner with us, share your stories, art or poetry with our Hope Hour community, or have any questions.


  • “Great job with Hope Hour.  I sent it out to a few people and looks like they all got involved.  I felt the good vibes all the way up here and was with you all in heart and with Gitesha’s beautiful meditation.”

  • “I wanted to say thanks, sincerely for pulling together a meaningful and authentic community event yesterday. Incredible timing too!

    You collected a great group of community members to lead us to a place of hope through connection.

    The music and singing especially moving to that place of peace.  Great to have a meaningful connection to indigenous custodianship of this land too.”

  • “I’m DEFINITELY In. I have experienced the power of collective prayer and intention. It’s coming together with that one focus… awesome. We’ve actually proved it time and time again, as communities, as a country… every time we’re hit with natural disaster!! We have the ability to put our bias or opinion aside and reach out or just connect with one another, stand together for the greater good. And help one another because the moment calls for it… which shows we all have much more capacity for unity than we realise. If we can start the intention here in our little corner, then I believe that will be sent out into the greater spiritual realm of our state, country and world. I sincerely do. And in doing so barriers are broken, relationships are made with people we might never of looked twice at. And then our hearts soften. Our minds open. One focus. Being together. One cause. Hope. LOVE it. I’m in.”